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Cyril’s Kindness Crew: Ending Poverty, Feeding the World!

Cyril's Kindness Crew. Ending Poverty. Feeding the Wolrd

Does teaching sustainability to kids feel like tackling a colossal puzzle?
Cyril’s Kindness Crew: Ending Poverty, Feeding the World is an educational expedition into the heart of sustainable development.

Through this dynamic and entertaining narrative, your child will discover:

  • Vital lessons on sustainability with a focus on poverty and hunger.
  • Insightful narratives that unwrap the social, economic, and environmental interconnectivity.
  • Empowering messages that foster kindness towards oneself, others, and our environment (inspired by Dr. Montessori’s teachings).
  • Lively illustrations and engaging activities that inspire children to take meaningful action in their communities.

Envision your child:

  • Becoming an informed, compassionate change-maker, aware of global issues like poverty and hunger.
  • Understanding and advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Developing a holistic perspective and embracing diversity in their journey towards making a positive impact.

With captivating illustrations and a narrative that speaks directly to young hearts and minds, “Cyril’s Kindness Crew: Ending Poverty, Feeding the World” is not just a book; it is a doorway to a more conscious, responsible future.

Gift your child this enlightening series today and witness their transformation into proactive, informed citizens of tomorrow.

Cyril, the Squirrel’s Kindness Crew Series

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