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We all want to leave our kids a better world than the one we were born into.

But how do you go about making that happen?

Cyril's Kindness Crew: Ending Poverty, Feeding the World! is a fun and engaging children's book series that helps children ages 6-12 learn about sustainable development goals. The series also inspires them to make calls for action to contribute to their communities and society and to hold adults and their governments accountable to delivering on the same mission.

Cyril, a clever squirrel and professor, uses his books to introduce his students to two Sustainable Development Goals. The first book focuses on the concept of sustainable development and the first two goals:

End poverty in all its forms everywhere
Zero Hunger

with the help of his expert friends. Cyril then prompts both his students and readers to consider what actions they can take to contribute towards achieving these goals.

The books are suitable for reading at home or using in schools as part of lessons on sustainable development topics. They're easy enough for young children but engaging enough for older children and teenagers too!

Cyril, the Squirrel’s Kindness Crew Series

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For Children Aged 6-12 Years

Ending Poverty, Feeding the World!

How do we Heal and Teach the World?

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Water in Life, Life in

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Clean Energy, Clean

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