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    Ivy B. Ogbu

    Meet Ivy B. Ogbu, a former employee of United Nations who has a strong desire to educate children on the importance of sustainable development. After working on issues related to sustainability for many years, she was under the impression that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were widely known and incorporated in school curricula. She also imagined that the way the complex SDGs were talked about was boring, unengaging, and easily forgotten. Ivy uncovered a shocking truth: not only were resources scarce for parents and educators seeking to understand SDGs, but even grown-ups were in the dark about their existence!

    Driven by her wealth of knowledge and life experiences, Ivy launched a book series Raising Change Makers with Cyril’s Kindness Crew, with the aim to make complex ideas of Sustainable Development Goals accessible and engaging for children. Ivy aspired to weave captivating tales that would ignite young readers' curiosity about the world and empower them to shape a sustainable future. With her heart set on creating a lasting impact, she embarked on a mission to craft children's books that would unlock their imagination, encouraging them to reflect on their surroundings and the crucial role they play in building a better, more sustainable world.

    Ivy is also a co-founder of Raise Change Makers – a transformative community for parents who aspire to raise children who make a difference in the world. In her spare time, Ivy enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, traveling to new places, and working on innovative tech solutions that contribute to sustainable development.

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