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SDGs – a framework for parents and educators to help create a better world by 2030

What are SDGs?

Last year, I left my UN job to be more around my young family and satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit. I left assured that the world knows about SDGs, the kids are exposed to them in schools, and there was a plethora of books covering all aspects of this aspirational, complete framework created by 193 countries at the UN in 2015. I left the UN bubble and was stunned by surprise. In my new circles of friends, acquaintances, and children's teachers, no one had a clue! And trust me, I don't blame them. It is a global, systemic issue, slow-paced reforms and changes in our incredibly outdated and unfit school systems.

SDGs, in a nutshell, are a blueprint of how we want the world to be in 2030, a world where every child has access to education, every woman has access to healthcare, no one goes hungry, everyone has clean water and sanitation, everyone lives in safe communities with access to opportunities for themselves and their families – which is why I believe it is essential for you and your child to know about them too! More at:

Why should my children learn about SDGs in home and school environment?

The world has been shaped by its youth. From the civil rights movement to climate change activism, history proves that children are more than ready to take on the challenges of our time. As they learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), children will be empowered to make an impact on their own lives and communities in a positive way. Through this framework, you& I’ll be able to feed into their: Curiosity Social awareness and ability to connect to the values of justice; Creativity and problem-solving abilities with complex issues at hand; They often come up with original ideas and we need that as humanity! Confidence that comes with finding their worth and satisfaction from being able to contribute and be of value to the world!

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